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Why Building a Business is not for Everyone with Tiffany Cagwin

IT’S TIME for the TRUTH!


When you hear about entrepreneurship you see so much about comfort, stability, and safety, but if you don’t want to be an entrepreneur and keep feeling that building a business isn’t right for you, watch this video.

A large number of people live in the illusion that it will be easy to face the challenges in business but they forgot about the behind the scenes, and let’s face it you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to be happy and successful. 

Watch today’s episode and dive into the conversation with the founders and the amazing former Owner of O Yoga Studios and current Operations Manager at Shogun, Tiffany Cagwin. They discuss all that people don’t tell you about entrepreneurship and why building a business is not for everyone.

Want to discover some things we wish people would have told us at the beginning of these big challenges about entrepreneurship? This episode is perfect for you! 

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Get in touch with Tiffany Cagwin: 

Website: http://www.theoyogastudio.com

Tiffany LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiffany-cagwin-48329818

DISCLAIMER: The information in this podcast is our personal observations and opinions, and is not endorsed by anyone or any business mentioned in the podcast.


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