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Small Business Owners and the Importance of Cash Flow

Learn how to prioritize your financial goals


Managing your money can be one of the biggest challenges in business and in your personal life. 

We know it can be challenging to learn how to properly prioritize your financial goals. 💸

It can seem like even when you’re working around the clock and earning a consistent cash flow, you’re spending more than you make. It comes down to this: how you handle your money and finances can make or break you. 

In this new I’m a Little Buzzed episode, the founders John, Al & Rob will talk about the cash flow basics you need to know: money management, the purpose of cash flow, saving for your future, and other key financial control practices.

They’ll help you keep on target to manage your financial priorities so you’re investing in the future and saving for your business. 🎯



DISCLAIMER: The information in this podcast is our personal observations and opinions, and is not endorsed by anyone or any business mentioned in the podcast.


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