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Life, Business and Empathy l with Nate Scherotter

Nate started his career as the Executive Assistant to Gary Vaynerchuk, and since 2009, Nate has been one of Gary’s most trusted minds. Nate’s role grew to lead Operations at VaynerMedia helping to enable agency growth from $10M to $150M, in under 6 year’s time. 


 Hey, #NoBullNation 😈 what’s getting you buzzed right now?

Today we’re pretty buzzed with our latest guest, the amazing human being Nate Scherotter.

His expansive knowledge of business development and internal structuring has been fundamental in launching Empathy Wines and its pioneering mission in the direct to consumer industry.  

As the COO of Empathy Wines, he oversaw the logistics, compliance, finances, and operations of one of the fastest-growing digitally native wine brands. 

For those of you who are tapped into the business community, after just 18 months in business, Empathy was purchased by Constellation Brands, and Nate now is the VP, DTC Operations for Constellation Brands.

Learn how Nate is building Empathy Wines while balancing life and business. 

Game on!

DISCLAIMER: The information in this podcast is our personal observations and opinions, and is not endorsed by anyone or any business mentioned in the podcast.


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