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From Shark Tank to Bankruptcy. What Comes Next | Dough Bar Doughnuts

They started The Dough Bar in early 2015, from a 600 square foot apartment in the heart of Silicon Valley, looking for healthier alternatives to their favorite sweet treats. Marquez and Ondrea then quickly established a brand on social media that celebrated the fusion between fun food and an active lifestyle. 


Hey ya, #BuzzedNation!

Welcome to another episode of #Imalittlebuzzed. If you’re a Shark Tank fan, you’ll probably recognize today’s guests, Marquez and Ondrea, the owners of The Dough Bar!

After launching in April 2015, The Dough Bar became a viable business. In 2016, they auditioned for ABC’s Shark Tank. While the two made it fairly far, they were encouraged to return when their business had another year of growth under its belt. In 2017, following their wedding and in the midst of pregnancy, the couple returned to the Shark Tank audition and made the cut! They stood before the Sharks and ended up wheeling a deal with Barbara Corcoran.

After the mind-blowing experience on Shark Tank, The Dough Bar co-founders decided to move their entire operation to Colorado in order to bring all production in house. This massive move evoked challenges unimaginable, which the company is still working diligently to resolve. After filing for bankruptcy and recovering ownership of The Dough Bar, what are the next steps for Ondrea and Marquez? You’ll find out in this episode.

Tune in! 

DISCLAIMER: The information in this podcast is our personal observations and opinions, and is not endorsed by anyone or any business mentioned in the podcast.


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