Building a global remote workforce

by John Timmerman

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a difficult year on all of us. The bright side? Quarantine life has shown that companies CAN BE SUCCESSFUL with a completely remote team.

In this seminar, John will share with you how he’s built successful, 100% remote companies through employing rigorous hiring protocols, “discovery periods”, strategic communication systems, concrete project management systems, and strong leadership.


More about John Timmerman

John is the CEO of a successful global marketing firm, Good Monster, co-founder of athletic denim brand Jaxon Jovie and co-founder of the NoBull Company.

Over the past five years he has created completely remote, global teams for his companies based on rigorous hiring protocols, “discovery periods”, strategic communication systems, and concrete project management systems.

He also learned that with all of this in place, there is one thing that will make or break your ability to scale remotely and globally:


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See what John's Team has to say

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Roger Simões Creative Director, Aracaju - Brazil

I was Good Monster's first full-time remote employee. I was really impressed (and still am) with John's ability to grow the company and team so quickly. In less than a year, we went from 0 to almost 20 remote employees plus freelancers. John has a knack for hiring the right people and identifying the talents that are the perfect fit for the team. He's created a team that is highly productive, goes above and beyond goals every month, and feels supported and encouraged to reach their highest potential. I love traveling and working at GM allows me to work from anywhere, doing what I love and spending more time with my family.

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Marcos Soares Project Manager Jr., Aracaju - Brazil

I'm one of the newest members of Good Monster and I'm so happy to be able to work with so many talented people around the world from the comfort of my home. This year has shown us that remote work has so much potential for growth, not only for this business, but for its employees as well. John is the reason our lives are connected and we have these amazing opportunities.

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Elizabeth McCall Pacheco Client Relationship Manager, Syracuse-NY

I've been at Good Monster for two years now, and working for a remote agency has REALLY improved my life overall! I am much happier being able to work on a schedule that is flexible. As the mother of a super busy two-year-old, it is so helpful to have a schedule that can fit around nap times and bedtimes. I'm so grateful John brought together this global team of kind, passionate and extremely talented people.The pace of growth we are seeing now at Good Monster is so exciting and I can't wait to continue to watch us grow and succeed!

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Janaína Conceição Project Manager, Aracaju - Brazil

Working from home with The Good Monster team has been an awesome experience. I have found myself more motivated and learning a lot from the other team members spread around the globe. John is a great leader. He is so empathetic, inspiring and with tailored and consistent feedback to help us be better. He truly knows how to close the physical distance between us!

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Katie Mitchell Copywriter, Los Angeles, CA

I started working for Good Monster right before the pandemic hit. Having this remote position allowed me to not only maintain a dependable income through the horrors of 2020, but expand my creative potential through flexible hours and John’s intuitive, passionate, and empathetic leadership. I am so grateful to be a part of this growth-oriented, innovative, and supportive global team.

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Beatriz Filgueiras Content Marketing Manager, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

As an employee, I feel more productive than I ever have before! It's incredible how John managed to create a healthy, flexible, and goal-oriented workspace that allows us to achieve our agency's wildest dreams

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Tushar Jadhav UI/UX Developer, Ahmedabad - India

I have been working with John for 8 years now, and I can honestly say I feel empowered & motivated through his leadership. I'm proud and humbled to be amongst such incredibly talented people and I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to our continued success.

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André Luiz Graphic Designer, Fortaleza - Brazil

John is an encourager and inspirer of good work. I really enjoy working with him. Good Monster is a company that invests in the development of its talents and is open and honest with its people and its projects. When I became a 'Monster', I found myself connecting with dedicated professionals who are proficient in all stages of the process of growing a digital brand.

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Danillo Ninck Graphic Designer, Aracaju - Brazil

John's recruiting for Good Monster is simple, effective, and with no BS. Period. He makes us feel part of the team from Day One, always recognizing our hard work and giving us the fuel to accomplish our goals as a team. I think, for sure, the best part of being a 'Monster' is being able to work remotely. To live in Brazil and work for a company in the US never even crossed my mind before. That "first contact" was a mind-blowing moment.